Brix Monitor

  • Inline beverage analyzer for all types of sugar
  • Continuously determines the °Brix value of soft drinks, fruit juice, and syrup
  • Maintenance-free, no operating costs
  • EHEDG-certified version available

Inline Beverage analyzer: Brix Monitor


The Brix Monitor enables highly accurate inline sugar concentration measurements. It continuously determines the °Brix value of soft drinks, fruit juice, and syrup using density, sound velocity, or refractive index. Maintenance-free operation and direct installation in the line with integrated HMI result in cost-optimized monitoring and control.

Key features

Three measurement technologies to fit your requirements


L-Dens 7400/7500

  • Highest accuracy
  • Suitable for fiscal measurements
  • W-shaped oscillating tube
  • Digital signal processing
  • New Pico 3000 as transmitter + HMI option
  • New mechanical design for reduced size and weight


L-Sonic 5100

  • Best value for applications requiring modest accuracy
  • EHEDG-certified
  • Digital signal processing
  • New Pico 3000 as transmitter + HMI option

Refractive index 

L-Rix 5000/5100

  • For pulpy and viscous samples
  • EHEDG-certified

For all types of sugar – stay with the same measurement configuration

Continuous online Brix measurement of HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), cane sugar, or beet sugar can be performed with the Anton Paar Brix Monitor without changing the configuration.

No operating costs

All Brix Monitor versions are maintenance-free and can be installed directly in the main line. This frees you from additional bypass installations in the production line. Moreover, the use of maintenance-free components results in a setup which has no operating costs.

Optimal use of raw materials due to accurate parameter measurements anytime

  • Save raw materials and avoid out-of-spec production
  • Shorten start-up times

Cost-optimized monitoring and control with integrated HMI

The new, integrated Pico 3000 process instrumentation controller combines configurability and diagnostics with a simple user interface. Built-in control functions and flexible PLC connectivity give you full control of your product and process specifications at any time.

Improved process capability – keeping an eye on all relevant key parameters

The powerful data acquisition and visualization software (client-server) Davis 5 enables you to save all data and alarms, provides statistical process control and graphical trend analysis, and allows product adjustments. Password-protected access to all measuring systems is possible from various locations, while providing powerful reporting and integration with your corporate quality management system.

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