• Allows processing and measuring gluten-free flours.
  • Otherwise, the mixer would open due to swelling dough.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Homogeneous mixing of water and flour

Brabender: FarinoAdd-S300


The FarinoAdd-S300 enables the analysis of flours that do not have dough-forming properties. It is thus suitable for the analysis of gluten-free flours, e.g. from rice, corn, millet, pseudocereals or pulses.

It consists of a plug for insertion into the kneading chamber of the S300 kneader, a clamp for closing the kneader, and another plug for closing the opening for water dosing in the lid.

Due to the different rotation speed of the mixing blades, viscoelastic dough is moved from the left to the right side in the kneader to ensure homogeneous mixing. For dough development of non-elastic masses.

it is necessary to limit the mixing space above the kneading blades by adjusting the plug and clamp device, which is placed above the mixing blades. This ensures better mixing of test material and water, and the kneader cannot be opened accidentally by the swelling dough.


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