Craft2Craft Spirits

The Craft2Craft package guarantees precise fermentation control, correct alcohol labelling, and consistent taste of your spirits. The instrument bundle includes the Snap 51 portable alcohol meter as well as the Alex 500 alcohol and extract meter.

The Snap 51 portable alcohol meter determines the alcohol content of distillates in only 30 seconds. The instrument simplifies the whole distillation and watering down procedure of your products as samples of all strengths are measured with one and the same instrument with an accuracy of 0.1 %v/v.

Testing equipment package for microdistilleries: Craft2Craft Spirits


The compact alcohol and extract meter Alex 500 is easily able to monitor your entire production from fermentation to bottle. To cover your creative products, Alex 500 ensures correct alcohol determination in spirits and liqueurs with low and high extract contents thanks to its direct alcohol determination by NIR spectroscopy. Results are delivered within a few minutes.

This microdistillery equipment is crucial for any production – for craft distilleries, craft blenders, and even for the smallest microdistilleries.

Key features

Immediate results 24/7

  • With your Craft2Craft Spirits devices you are independent and no longer need to rely on external labs. Perform measurements on any day and at any time.
  • On-site measurement directly in the production, from tanks or casks
  • Reliable and accurate results in a few minutes
  • Possibility to step in immediately in case of unexpected deviations in your production process

Designed for analysis of your entire portfolio at any location in the distillery

  • Robust and compact instrument design
  • Intuitive operation and easy handling
  • Minimal sample volume required for analysis
  • Sample identification and storage of results, as well as the option of printing or exporting results to a PC for perfect traceability and documentation

More love for your spirits

  • Consistent monitoring of your spirits’ quality from fermentation to bottle
  • For accurate labelling of your products
  • For consistent taste experience
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