pH 3101

  • Optimized for pH analysis in beverage analyzing systems
  • Simultaneous analysis of pH, along with other quality parameters
  • Fully guided adjustment and calibration procedures

pH measuring module: pH 3101


The pH 3101 and pH 3201 measuring modules – integrated in a beverage analyzing system or Packaged Beverage Analyzer– enable simultaneous determination of pH value and other quality parameters. Versatile configurations allow pH measurements at pressures of up to 6 bar in a variety of liquids from all types of beverages to chemicals. Integration into Anton Paar’s modular measurement solutions streamlines analysis and increases productivity in your laboratory analysis – all relevant results are delivered in 3 to 4 minutes only.

Key features

The pH value is an important parameter for the production of a variety of products from food and beverages, such as beer, to chemical substances. Verifying the pH value ensures consistency in various production steps, making it crucial for quality control.

Obtain the pH value automatically along with other parameters

The modular setup enables analysis of the pH value and various other quality parameters in one measuring cycle. All values are on one screen – in one report. No need for separate sample preparation and filling. The time saving in daily quality checks is enormous.

Master instrument guides through workflow adjustment

Forget challenging maintenance and adjustment procedures. Fully guided wizards simplify workflows and reduce time and effort for calibration and adjustment to a minimum.

Analysis of a wide variety of samples

pH 3101 and pH 3201 cover a wide range of applications: from the analysis of the pH value in beverages to chemical samples – at pressures up to 6 bar.

Fill sample from a package with zero CO2 influence

Integrate pH 3201 into a Packaged Beverage Analyzer, and pH values are automatically corrected for the impact of dissolved CO2, doing away with time-consuming sample preparation procedures like degassing, and eliminating user influence on the result.

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