Combined CO₂ and DO meter

  • For measuring dissolved CO2 and O2 in the production environment
  • Sampling directly from process lines, tanks, kegs, and casks
  • Protection class IP67 and rubber housing

Combined CO₂ and DO meter: CboxQC


These combined CO2 and DO meters offer reliable quality control of finished packages, kegs, and casks as well as directly from the process line or tank. They guarantee fast and accurate determination of dissolved CO2 and O2 in beverages during production and bottling.

When combined with our filling devices, they let samples be taken directly from the package into the measuring chamber of the combined CO2 and DO meter, without losing dissolved CO2 during the sample transfer.

Key features


Enjoy accurate results in 90 seconds

  • CO2 measurement method guarantees repeatability standard deviations of up to 0.005 vol. or 0.01 g/L (Standard version)
  • The new high-resolution optochemical O2 sensor is accurate and achieves a repeatability standard deviation of ± 2 ppb
  • Not influenced by other dissolved gases such as air or nitrogen
  • CO2 and DO results after only 90 seconds
  • PFD filling device transfers samples from the package into the measuring chamber without any loss of CO2
  • Low sample volume of around 100 mL (Standard version) provides reliable CO2and DO results, even out of very small packages

Get 11 hours of at-line use with our combined CO₂ and DO meter

  • IP67 leakproof design lets you operate these in harsh, at-line environments
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Compact, lightweight design – ideal for portable use

Use built-in support for self-diagnosis and error detection

  • Intuitive user interface means easy menu navigation
  • Data logger function enables continuous CO2 and DO measurements from the line or tank
  • FillingCheck™ automatically detects filling errors and generates a warning message
  • Guided system check function verifies the tightness of the measuring chamber and the zero point of CO2 and O2 measurements

Manage data in a traceable and convenient way

  • Clear sample identification for 500 traceable measurement results
  • RFID interface lets you make quick changes of measurement settings via RFID tag reading
  • Data is easily printed via Bluetooth® or transferred to a PC via USB


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