Total Package Oxygen Meter

  • Selective measurement of total package oxygen from cans and bottles
  • Results in down to less than four minutes
  • Self-cleaning and minimum maintenance
  • Modular extensions for up to 50 industry specific measurement parameters

Total package oxygen meter: TPO 5000


TPO 5000 selectively measures the total amount of oxygen in beverages, made up of headspace oxygen and dissolved oxygen, directly out of cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles. This is relevant for quality control for finished beverages. The TPO meter can also fill sample into the Anton Paar CO₂ meter CarboQC to additionally determine dissolved CO₂ in the same measuring cycle.

TPO results are available in down to four minutes. Benefits include a self-cleaning function, hassle-free sampling out of every beverage container type, and its rugged design for long-term use in the production area.

Key features

Low maintenance, simple handling

  • Integrated self-cleaning function minimizes cleaning efforts
  • Automated special cleaning procedure
  • Easy positioning of commonly used beverage containers
  • Self-centering function for every bottle/can type
  • Convenient sample filling for glass, PET bottles, and cans, even out of wide sample containers
  • State-of-the-art optochemical oxygen sensor reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum

Built for use in the production area

  • Protected against sprays of water
  • Clearly visible status light informs about the instrument’s condition
  • Highest stability due to robust foot and stainless-steel housing
  • Easy to use with gloves
  • Comprehensive safety features guarantee appropriate handling

Up to 15 measurements per hour – performed with ease

  • Results are available in down to four minutes
  • 7’’ touchscreen with intuitive and responsive user interface
  • Customizable home screen with quick access to favorite functions
  • Full traceability due to zero point and known concentration checks and adjustments
  • Save up to 5,000 measurement datasets

Combined TPO and CO₂ measurement

  • Automatic filling into Anton Paar’s CO₂ meter CarboQC
  • Effortless cleaning of all instruments with the click of a button
  • Measure up to four parameters in one go: total package oxygen, headspace oxygen, dissolved O₂, and CO₂


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