Anton Paar Bioindenter: UNHT³ Bio

  • One setup for instrumented indentation, scratch & tribology testing
  • Measurement of hardness, elastic modulus, coating adhesion, scratch resistance, wear, and other surface mechanical properties
  • For characterization of hard coatings, thermal/plasma spray coatings, cementitious materials, metals, and polymers

Anton Paar Bioindenter: UNHT³ Bio


The Anton Paar Bioindenter is the ideal nanoindentation tester for characterizing the mechanical properties of tissues and soft materials from the human body. It is especially designed for research on soft biological materials, for example soft tissues.

Rely on the Bioindenter’s unmatched force and displacement range together with excellent resolution for the most sensitive characterization of elastic modulus, creep and other properties of cartilage, tissues, scaffolds, hydrogels or eye tissues.

Combine instrumented indentation testing heads with scratch testing heads, a nanotribometer, and even an atomic force microscope on a unique Step surface testing platform.

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