Nanoindentation tester: Hit 300

  • Simplest-to-use nanoindentation tester on the market
  • Less than half the price of comparable instruments
  • Active anti-vibration isolation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Ready to start measuring in 15 minutes

Nanoindentation tester: Hit 300


Hit 300 is a premium yet highly affordable nanohardness tester built for every user and every type of environment. The intuitive, automated Hit 300 lets you run 600 measurements per hour, even while you’re away. Active anti-vibration damping ensures accuracy in all environments. A unique 2-laser targeting system delivers <1 mm accuracy when targeting the sample. Designed with functionality in mind: setup takes just 15 minutes, and training to first result takes just 1 hour.


Indentation testing is a complex and important method to learn more about material surface properties, which are usually directly related to their performance in an end product. In addition to a certain budget, an expert is necessary to operate the instrument.


Hit 300 comes with a few features that make indentation testing finally accessible for everyone. The indenter is already mounted, and, if necessary, a calibration can be done in less than 15 minutes. A top surface reference ring protects the indenter from collision and deletes the falsifying influence of thermal drift. The software is intuitive and leads you through the workflow step by step.


You finally have the possibility to measure your material in-house. All results are at hand immediately, and every lab technician will be able to operate the instrument.




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