UTM Micro

  • Low-force, low-torque testing of mechanical parts down to 0.0005 N
  • Material testing under real-life conditions: temperature from -160 °C to 1,000 °C and humidity from 5 % RH to 95 % RH.
  • 200+ accessories and test fixtures available
  • Test methods: tensile, torsion, compression, bending, shear, friction, peel

Universal testing machine: UTM Micro


Until now, testing of very delicate and small mechanical parts such as bearings, springs, microwires, organic fibers, and micro-electro-mechanical devices was not possible with conventional universal testing machines. But Anton Paar’s universal testing machine, UTM Micro, based on the renowned Anton Paar MCR rheometer, opens up a new world of material testing. The versatile UTM machine’s sensitive MCR technology, combined with its proven modularity, and an integrated extensometer and load cell, allows you to go beyond just tensile testing. You’ll now be able to rise to all kinds of challenges, even in the fields of DMA and optical methods.

Key features

A whole new world of low-force universal material testing

UTM Micro opens up a whole new world: Test small components down to 0.0005 N, torques down to 10-9 Nm, angles of 6×10-8 degrees, and displacement accuracy of 0.01 µm – across a never-before-accessible micro range. Say goodbye to expensive self-made or limited commercial solutions, and complicated back-and-forth with external testing labs. Take product development, research and quality control into your own hands.

Test your mechanical parts under real-life conditions

Various temperature devices set temperatures from -160 °C to 1,000 °C, and humidity from 5 % RH to 95 % RH. The ability to measure in an inert gas atmosphere to reduce oxidation or avoid sample contamination is unique in this market. The performance of our temperature devices with minimized temperature gradients down to ≤0.1 °C is unrivalled and always guarantees absolute and reproducible results. The pre-calibrated force and torque sensors allow the UTM Micro temperature and humidity functions to be deployed immediately – no need to wait for ages until the target condition is reached. Achieve a heating rate of up to 60 °C per minute.

Choose from a wide range of variable-geometry grips and test fixtures

The future is yours: Adapt the instrument to your specific needs via 200+ accessories. Our engineering team can quickly create competitively-priced custom accessories in-house. We have automation & robotics solutions too. From tensile testing machine to micro torque tester, your UTM Micro is as flexible as you need it to be, for years to come.

More than ‘just’ a universal testing machine

Make of UTM Micro exactly what you need:  a mechanical testing machine, or a multi-performer combining more than one method – a rheometer, tribometer, and device for dynamic mechanical analysis offering optical methods for further investigation of the behavior of components. An extensometer and load cell are integrated as standard.

Save time and personnel costs

The easy handling of our universal testing machine saves you time and personnel costs as no experts are needed to handle the device. Unique usability features integrated into the device and software increase throughput. In fact, we’ve designed every component and created every handling step to be part of a smooth and intelligent whole: The patented Toolmaster™ technology automatically recognizes measuring geometries and accessories and transfers all relevant parameters to the software without the risk of errors.  QuickConnect coupling allows one-handed, one-second exchange of measuring geometries, testing fixtures, holders and clamps.

Micro mechanical testing for various applications

Small mechanical components and parts are used in a variety of products. To determine how they will respond to certain conditions and to predict lifetime, you really need to put them to the test.

Typical industries and applications include:

  • Precision mechanics (e.g. characterization of machine elements, springs, threads, gear boxes, wires, watchmaking)
  • Microelectronics/semiconductors (e.g. testing of micro motors/turbines, semiconductor fibers, fiber- optic torque sensors, semiconductor devices, SMD drills/torques, electronic switches)
  • Medical technology (e.g. actuation force syringes, stents, piercing force syringes, safety closures)
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