TwinLab-C 20/40

  • Space-saving & cost-efficient: Compact solution with wide range of applications
  • Enhanced options: Use of a replaceable L-liner & compact liner possible
  • Improves your analysis conditions: Process monitoring via horizontally split liner, 6 openings for raw material addition
  • Easy to clean: Horizontally folding liner, optimized screw configuration for easy removal
  • Modern software: Easy and flexible data access via a web browser or the built-in touch screen
  • Connectivity: Support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)
  • Individualizable: Configuration adjustable to your individual needs

Brabender: TwinLab-C 20/40


With the compact TwinLab-C 20/40 twin-screw extruder, you can analyze a wide range of materials in a space-saving and cost-efficient way. The newly designed compact extruder offers the possibility of using an L-liner or also a compact liner. The liner can be opened horizontally, providing an optimal view of the entire process. At the same time, you also have easier access for cleaning, which is additionally accelerated by the easy removal of the screws.

You benefit from a modern project workflow through the possibility of location-independent access by several users with different end devices. The web-based software MetaBridge also offers the option of online updates. Expand your analysis options by accessing measurement results via the integrated correlation software. Operation via touchscreen is convenient. You can also benefit from helpful features such as an integrated annotation function in the diagram and individually adjustable diagram parameters.

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