• Helps you measure dissolved CO2 in ‘perl-wine’, sparkling wine
  • Transfers your wine directly from the closed bottle into an Anton Paar measuring instrument
  • No loss of CO2
  • Fits all bottle sizes

Filling device for Wine: SFD


The SFD Sparkling Wine Filling Device transfers sparkling wine or wine directly from a closed bottle into the measuring chamber of a measuring instrument. The SFD Filling Device is equipped with a drilling device that penetrates traditional corks and most plastic corks.

Key features

Filling directly from corked bottles

  • For filling sparkling wine or wine directly from bottles into a measuring instrument without loss of CO2
  • Adjustable to fit all bottles sizes
  • Also for wine bottles
  • For pressures up to 7.5 bar relative ± 0.5 bar (109 psi ± 7 psi)
  • Quiet, clean, no waste
  • For measuring dissolved carbon dioxide in wine and sparkling wine

Versatile and safe

  • Works for traditional corks and most kinds of plastic corks
  • A safety housing provides full protection for the operator



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