Viscometer Lovis 2000 M/ME

A measurement with Lovis 2000 M/ME can yield dynamic viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, molar mass of a polymer and more.

Key Features Viscometer Lovis 2000 M/ME

For R&D

  • Small sample amount (starting from 100 μL)
  • Sample recovery
  • Wide temperature range (-30 °C to 100 °C /-22 °F to 212 °F)
  • Wide viscosity range (0.3 mPa.s to 10,000 mPa.s)
  • High accuracy
  • Variable inclination angle for testing shear-dependent flow behavior

For pharmaceutical and medical labs

  • Included in US Pharmacopoeia
  • Pharma qualification packages available
  • Optional modular combination with Anton Paar instruments for measuring density, refractive index, turbidity and pH value
  • Flow-through filling for large sample throughput

For the chemical industry

  • Hermetically closed system for volatile or toxic samples
  • High chemical resistance (borosilicate glass or PCTFE)
  • Special polymer measuring and evaluation features
  • Automatic filling using autosampler
  • Testing of opaque samples

Technical Specifications

  Viscosity range 0.3 mPa.s to 10,000 mPa.s
  Repeatability s.d. up to 0.1 % 1)
  Accuracy up to 0.5 % 1) 2)
  Temperature range + 5 °C to 100 °C
  Repeatability s.d. 0.005 °C
  Accuracy 0.02 °C
Measuring time
  Resolution 0.001 s
  Accuracy 0.05 %
Further specifications
  Test duration minimal 30 s, typical 3 min
  Sample volume 0.1 mL to 0.8 mL
  Inclination 15° to 80° in 1° steps
  Repeatability s.d. 0.02 °
  Accuracy 0.1 °
  Shear rate 0.5 s-1 to 1000 s-1
influenced by capillary size and inclination
1) depends on sample type and measuring settings, without changing the ball
2) for the range in which the calibration constant was determined, not including uncertainty of reference standards



ASBC Beer-32: Viscosity (International Method)
ASBC Wort-13B: Viscosity Rolling Ball Method


DIN 53015
DIN EN ISO 12058-1


USP 911 – Viscosity (Capillary Viscometer Methods)
USP 913 – Rolling Ball Viscometer Method

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