Particle Size Analyzer: PSA

  • Multi laser system
  • Measurement range liquid: 0.04 µm to 2500 µm
  • Measurement range dry: 0.1 µm to 2500 µm

Particle size analyzer: PSA 1190, 1090, 990


With the laser diffraction technology of the PSA series you can determine the particle size and particle size distribution of both – liquid dispersions and dry powders from the nanometer up to the millimeter range. The knowledge of the material’s particle size and size distribution is essential for product development and quality control as these two parameters have an impact on the processability as well as the properties of the final product.

The instruments of this series incorporate more than fifty years of experience. The world’s first laser diffraction particle size analyzer – the first-ever PSA – was invented in 1967.

Key Features


Compact 2-in-1 design to measure both wet and dry samples.
PSA instruments are the only particle size analyzers that can be configured with fully integrated liquid and dry dispersion modules within one instrument. Sample dispersion as well as the measurement take place inside the instrument. This unique design eliminates the need for the operator to handle several accessories, exchange the hardware, or make manual adjustments. The software enables the switching between liquid and dry dispersion mode with a single mouse click, which saves time and prevents operation errors.

Multi-laser technology for a broad measurement range
The multi-laser technology provides an extensive range of measurable particle sizes. The single-laser PSA 990 covers a measurement range of 0.2 μm to 500 μm. For an even broader range, PSA 1090 and PSA 1190 have a unique optical design for diffraction analysis, which includes multiple lasers.

While PSA 1090 has been designed with two lasers to resolve particles as small as 40 nanometers, PSA 1190 contains an additional third laser to cover the full measurement range of up to 2.5 millimeters. The use of solid state lasers ensures that instruments of the PSA series are ready to measure right after being switched on as nearly no warm-up time is required.

Accurate size distribution of dry powders
The size distribution of dry powders is often difficult to measure because the particles tend to agglomerate, which falsifies the results. Dry Jet Dispersion (DJD) technology is Anton Paar’s patented technique (FR2933314) for efficiently dispersing and precisely analyzing powder particles.

The innovative design features an air pressure regulator that quickly and easily adjusts the air flow in accordance with the sample properties. The shear forces created by the air flow separate agglomerated particles ensuring that primary particles are detected.

Accuracy, repeatability, and stability for a lifetime
Anton Paar’s particle size analyzers are fully ISO 13320 compliant to meet the requirements for traceable, accurate, and repeatable results. The unique design of the lasers and the optical bench set the market standard for a measurement reproducibility that is better than 1 % variation.

Furthermore, the optical bench design has all optical components permanently mounted on a cast-iron base plate. This ensures realignment-free operation, making PSA the ideal instrument not only for R&D environments, but also for harsh environments. Thus, accuracy, reproducibility, and stability are guaranteed for the instruments’ entire life time.

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