Modular polarimeter: MCP

  • Economic analysis of optical rotation that’s fully pharma-compliant
  • Measuring accuracy of ±0.003 °OR that exceeds pharmacopoeia requirements
  • Full range of pharma features and data integrity solutions
  • Up to eight different wavelengths (365 nm to 880 nm)
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to central data management software AP Connect

Modular polarimeter: MCP


Measure. Comply. Perform. Our automated, digital MCP polarimeters series is optimized for highly regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry. These high-performance instruments provide optical rotation measurements with a precision up to <±0.0020° OR, top data integrity standards, and full compliance to 21 CFR Part 11. What’s more, if your needs change, our digital polarimeter changes with you. With their multiwavelength options, you can easily adapt them for future needs. Fast measurement results are delivered in seconds, and the broad portfolio matches every budget.

Key features

Comply with pharma standards and master any audit

We’ve leveraged more than 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical applications to develop easy-to-use instruments compliant with industry standards (e.g., GMP, GAMP 5). Our MCP polarimeters’ software doesn’t just have mandatory 21 CFR Part 11 functions (e.g., audit trail), it’s also designed for convenience.

  • Access control and comprehensive user privilege management
  • Windows active directory log-on (desktop software)
  • Encrypted, digitally signed data in file format or database
  • Central data management with AP Connect (server client solution)

Rely on our comprehensive qualification documentation to keep your costs down

We know that passing an audit is a must. With our Pharma Qualification Documentation (PQP), which has been proven in hundreds of successful audits, this is easier than ever. IQ/OQ/PQ, a risk analysis, and a 21 CFR Part 11 checklist are included as well. Save up to 75 % of time for instrument qualification and validation of your MCP with our Pharma Qualification Packages.

What’s more: No matter your location, our qualification team is ready to help you qualify your instrument for seamless integration into your processes – on-site.

Prevent errors and meet your efficiency targets

The MCP series of instruments comes with various features designed to prevent errors, saving you stress, time, and money. Clear and definable user group privileges as well as password rules and security settings are aligned to local IT rules. Avoid repeat measurements due to human error. The FillingCheck™ camera delivers real-time images of the filling process inside the sample cell. Toolmaster™ automatically transfers sample cell and quartz control plate data and temperature to the instrument software.

Keep training and maintenance efforts to a minimum

Whether it’s for initial user training or continued operation, our MCP polarimeters’ features keep your efficiency high and your costs low.

  • Guided workflows for measurements prevent errors before they can occur
  • (Semi-)automated workflows for system suitability tests (SST) and calibration to improve efficiency
  • Fast and powerful temperature control minimizes cycle times between measurements
  • LED light source that’s good for a lifetime keeps downtime to a minimum

Get peace of mind with our data integrity solutions

Depending on your application, you have different needs when it comes to data management and compliance. That’s why we offer three different solutions.

  • Embedded system for stand-alone operation – ideal for those with smaller amounts of data who only want a single installation. It lets you qualify the software and use the instrument for electronic records.
  • PC-controlled operation – the perfect solution if you’re generating large amounts of data and you don’t want to have data and system administration on the instrument.
  • AP Connect for central data management – you can also integrate several instruments into our data management hub. This is the perfect solution for those who need to run a powerful data management software independent of instruments, or intend to make use of the AP Connect interfaces to various systems (e.g., ERP, LIMS).

So whatever your data volume or IT policy, you can be sure we have a solution for it.

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