Millikelvin MKT 50

  • Measuring uncertainty over the whole measuring range: 0.001 °C (1 mK)
  • Reference thermometer for all applications and branches
  • Two separate probes for comparison calibration
  • Sensors available for ITS 90, EN 60751, and ASTM E1137

Millikelvin thermometers: MKT 50


Choose from two Millikelvin Thermometers, MKT 10 and MKT 50, for measurement in the lab, at-line, or for convenient mobile use. MKT 10 is a small, very lightweight, and easily portable handheld thermometer. It comes with one sensor and a carrying case for safe transport. With its measuring accuracy of 0.01 °C it is ideal for at-line measurements and quick measurements on site in several industries. Your MKT 50 Millikelvin Thermometer measures the temperature to the highest level of accuracy in combination with two highly precise Platinum Resistance Thermometers. It is by far the best-priced thermometer for applications which require a low measuring uncertainty of 0.01 °C to 0.001 °C. (Sensor needs to be ordered separately for MKT 50)

All products are delivered with factory calibration.

Key features

Highest accuracy

  • EN 60751 for industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT)
  • Resolution: 0.0001 °C (0.1 mK) with MKT 50 and 0.001 °C (1 mK) with MKT 10
  • Measuring uncertainty over the whole measuring range: 0.001 °C (1 mK) with MKT 50 and 0.01 °C with MKT 10
  • ITS‑90 for standard thermometers (SPRT: Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer) with MKT 50
  • With MKT 50 comparison calibration (PRT) or fixed point calibration (SPRT) is possible.

Flexible power supply and communication

  • Battery-operated
  • Ethernet interface for easy communication with DMA M instruments and the SVM series of viscometers for calibration
  • The high precision thermometers can be used in the lab by connecting them to the mains or in the field as portable thermometers working from the battery.
  • MKT 50: mains adapter
  • MKT 10: Power over Ethernet (PoE) – ecologically friendly power supply for less use of batteries

Long-time experience

Anton Paar has decades of experience in density measurement which goes hand in hand with highly accurate temperature measurement since accurate temperature measurement is the basis for accurate density measurement.

Versatile applications

  • Ideal for different applications: from temperature measurement in the production process to different calibrations in the lab
  • Highly accurate comparison calibrations of all types of thermometers in liquid baths are possible with MKT 50.
  • MKT 50 is a reference thermometer for all applications and branches.
  • Calibration of standard thermometers at temperature fixed points according to ITS‑90 with MKT 50
  • MKT 10 provides maximum flexibility and at-line measurements with a handheld instrument.

Available sensors

  • Highly stable Pt 100 sensors with factory or DAkkS certificates
  • Flexible sensors for adjustment of DMA density meters and the SVM series of viscometers
  • MKT 50: Two types of working SPRTs are available for the highest accuracy (up to 1.4 mK).
  • MKT 50: for ITS‑90, EN 60751, and ASTM E1137 sensors
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