Multiwave 5000

  • A single microwave digestion platform for all your needs
  • >500 pre-installed programs, guiding features, and a ‘clever’ door
  • Up to 64 samples in a single run; tool-free vessel handling; 2x faster vessel opening/closing
  • 10,1″ high-resolution, durable touchscreen display

Microwave digestion platform: Multiwave 5000


40 years’ sample preparation expertise driving the most ambitious, user-friendly microwave digestion system ever built: Digestion of a broad array of samples (varying in difficulty or volume), acid leaching, solvent extraction, evaporation, microwave-induced O₂ combustion, sample drying and synthesis.

A comprehensive, interactive method library. A customizable, intuitive user interface, and modern sensor technology, together with Anton Paar’s easy-to-handle compact rotors. 500 pre-installed programs. A very ‘clever’ door. Multiwave 5000. The lab chemist’s dream.

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