• Single high-pressure station for use with a variety of sample cell configurations
  • Pore size range from 6.4 nanometers to 1,100 microns

Mercury intrusion pore size analyzers :



The PoreMaster series of mercury intrusion porosimeters minimizes the possibility of exposure to both liquid mercury and mercury vapor, ensuring maximum safety for operators. The numerous automated and ergonomically considered features provide you with a simple operation experience while determining the size distribution and volume of the macropores in your materials. Four distinct models are available to fit your specific measurement requirements.

Key features

PoreMaster’s easy liquid mercury introduction system, automatic air purge for the high-pressure ports, and easy-to-use software make operation simple. The cold trap ensures an efficient evacuation step – saving valuable time.

Designed to fit easily into your lab and keep you safe


The cabinet of the PoreMaster acts as the primary containment of potential spills of liquid mercury during the measurement process. Placing the instrument on a spill tray provides extra protection to lab personnel and allows for easy cleanup if necessary. Unlike floor-standing models, the benchtop design allows you to place it in a fume hood to handle mercury vapors. If you don’t have room in your fume hood, the instrument can be placed on a bench next to the fume hood when its ventilation kit is attached. The effluent of the ventilation kit is then directed to the fume hood. In either case, air is pulled away from the operator and through the exhaust of the fume hood, keeping operators safe.

Fill sample cells and perform low-pressure measurements in as little as 20 minutes


By simply ensuring that the cold trap is filled before every measurement, the efficiency of the vacuum pump makes the initial sample cell evacuation process extremely fast. This level of speed means all PoreMasters can completely process at least 12 samples every day, if required.

Intelligent pressurization routine provides equilibrated results without excessive waiting


PoreMaster instruments avoid the problems of under-equilibrated data and insufficient measurement resolution. With the unique AutoSpeed function, they pressurize at the fastest rate until intrusion is detected, and then slow the rate to collect a continuous measure of equilibrated data, reducing analysis time.

Easy handling for convenient work


From the easy introduction of liquid mercury to the instrument, to an automated air purge of the high-pressure hydraulic stations, the design of the PoreMaster considers operator convenience. In addition, even though you can create blank cell files for all of your sample cells, it is completely unnecessary when using the standard sample cell configurations on these instruments.

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