Haze 3001

  • Detect product impurities with turbidity measurement for any particle size
  • Monitor the filtration process to ensure smooth production
  • Guarantee super-consistent results with highly accurate temperature control
  • Plug into multiparameter systems for a single set of results
  • Comply with various standards (e.g., EBC, MEBAK, OIV)

Turbidity Meter: Haze 3001


The Haze 3001 turbidity measuring module measures turbidity in liquids and is part of Anton Paar’s modular measuring system. Ensure proper removal of insoluble matter and yeast in wine and beer production, guarantee microbiological stability, confirm your spirit’s filtration performance via chill haze analysis, and check your final quality parameters at the earliest possible stage – with turbidity analysis in just three minutes – as part of your production control process.

Key features

Comply with the acknowledged ratio method

The approved ratio method with measurement at three angles (transmission at 0°, scattered light at 25° and 90°) incorporated in Haze 3001 prevents the influence of particle size on the turbidity value in a cell with adjustable constant temperature.

Confident filtration of beer, spirits, and wine

Haze 3001 performs highly accurate filtration monitoring for all beer styles, all types of wines, and spirits. Confirm the filtration performance for your spirits via chill haze analysis, and ensure optimal refinement delivering target visual product properties, mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor for all listed beverage types.

Modular extension for increased performance and efficiency

The modular design of Haze 3001 enables its incorporation into Anton Paar’s measuring systems, provides additional information on sample turbidity, and increases overall efficiency. All parameters are determined simultaneously with zero additional effort or time consumption and are super-conveniently reported on a single user interface.

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