Extruder 19/10 DW

  • Quicker and easier attachment onto the drive unit
  • Process length can be extended to 20 D with pin-type extruder attachment
  • Real-time transfer of results and actual values
  • Small sample quantities thanks to a small overall size
  • Clear cost reduction thanks to an uninterrupted production process

Brabender: Extruder 19/10 DW


The single-screw Measuring Extruder 19 /10 DW with its roller feed and short processing section length of 10 D is particularly well suited to investigating the extrudability of elastomers and for studying development and application problems. It can be used in conjunction with a 10-D pin-type extruder attachment as Measuring Extruder 19 / 20 DW. Fitted with the Garvey die head, the Measuring Extruders 19 / 10 DW and 19 / 20 DW are ideally suited to investigating the flow property of rubber and rubber mixtures.

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