Evaluation unit

  • Preconfigured user programs
  • Enhanced usability with intuitive human-machine interface
  • Alerts to prevent out-of-spec production
  • Flexible connectivity and access with different user levels

Evaluation unit: mPDS 5


The mPDS 5 evaluation unit is ideal for all online/inline density and concentration measurements with process transducers. mPDS 5 continuously determines the density and concentration of liquids and gases. Numerous user programs are integrated: extract, alcohol and original extract of beer; alcohol measurement in distilleries; measurement of Brix and sweetener in beverages; CO2 in beer and soft drinks; density; specific gravity; API gravity of petroleum products and density measurement of gases. Using customer-specific polynomials and special programs you can create your own solutions.

Key features

Limit monitoring

  • Alarms help you prevent out-of-spec production
  • Up to 999 products with various concentration formulas

Flexible connection to your plant

  • Perfect integration via analog, digital, Ethernet (LAN) and bus interfaces

Color touchscreen

  • Intuitive operation
  • Flexibly configurable graphic and numeric display fields
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