Dissolved gas measuring module

  • Selective CO2 determination
  • Automatic filling check
  • For all types of carbonated beverages
  • Optional module for simultaneous determination of dissolved O2

Dissolved gas measuring module: CarboQC ME


The combined CO2 and O2 measuring module CarboQC ME with Option O2 (Plus) determines the true amount of dissolved CO2 and O2 in beverages. Add Option O2 (plus) to a CarboQC ME and combine it with a wide range of Anton Paar instruments for thorough beverage analysis in a single measuring cycle.

Degassing prior to analysis is not necessary, reducing your workload to a minimum and eliminating potential errors resulting from sample preparation. The module doesn’t just deliver results in only 90 sec, it also saves space in the lab. For use only with Anton Paar’s Packaged Beverage Analyzers.

Key features


Selective measurement: Obtain the true amount of dissolved CO₂ and O₂

  • CO2 measurement using patented Multiple Volume Expansion method guarantees repeatability standard deviations of 0.005 vol
  • Highly repeatable O2 results (2 ppb) because of optical oxygen sensor
  • No influence from other dissolved gases such as air or nitrogen

Automatic parameter correction

  • Reliable CO2 and O2 results, even out of small packages with a sample volume of only 150 mL
  • Use of the measured CO2 content to automatically correct parameters such as density to match your reference method – degassing is not required
  • PFD filling device transfers samples from package to measuring chamber with zero CO2 and O2 loss

TPO check included

  • Total package oxygen (TPO) value calculable via Option O2 (Plus) in Anton Paar’s Packaged Beverage Analyzers.

Fit for the future

  • The standard beverage analysis configuration with the benchtop DMA density meter, CarboQC ME, and a PFD filling device is a solid investment.
  • Anton Paar’s modular concept allows flexible extension of measuring modules, e.g. for alcohol, pH, or turbidity.
  • Create your very own system based on your requirements


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