Compounder TSC 42/6

  • Versatile, counter-rotating
  • Throughput up to 6 kg/h.
  • Adjustable mixing times
  • Possibility to produce feedstock materials for upcoming injection moulding trials

Brabender: Twin Screw Compounder TSC 42/6


In combination with the closing adapter, this extruder can be used like a mixer for producing compounds for batches of material. After the mixing process, the product can be extruded by releasing the closing valve. Equipped with a two-strand die head with interchangeable inserts, the TSC is also applicable for continuous compounding.

It combines the advantages of the counter-rotating twin screw, i.e. high shear forces, forced conveying and self-cleaning with continuous operation, with those of a mixer, i.e. long residence times and excellent cross-flow for optimum mixing of the product.

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