Bonse-Hart USAXS camera: USAXS Module

  • Automatic USAXS, SAXS, and WAXS studies using a fully motorized experimental setup
  • Probing structures from the nanometer to the micrometer level
  • Simultaneous and precise (± 0.1 °C) sample temperature control

Bonse-Hart USAXS camera: USAXS Module


Our USAXS module for the SAXSpoint 5.0 system is a user-friendly experimental solution for characterizing materials from the nanometer to the micrometer level. The fully motorized setup allows users to obtain high-quality USAXS, SAXS, and WAXS data from their samples via automated, sequential X-ray scattering measurements, involving no manual interaction or change of the measurement configuration.

Key features

Automatic measurement of USAXS, SAXS, and WAXS data

  • Automatic, sequential acquisition of X-ray scattering data
  • High-quality USAXS, SAXS, and WAXS information
  • Resolving of structural information from Ångstroms to > 2.5 micrometers, in one go
  • No manual interaction requirement

High-performance components for precise results

  • Automatic positioning of channel-cut crystal assemblies in front of and behind the sample
  • High-precision (0.0001 deg) goniometer for scanning the X-ray scattering signal
  • High-resolution detection using EIGER2 R series HPC detectors
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