• Automated quality control and analysis of sugar beet
  • Full compliance with ICUMSA methods
  • Measures thousands of samples per day in only 30 sec per sample
  • For all clarifier types: lead-clarified, aluminum-clarified, and other filtrates

Automated system for quality analysis of sugar beet: Betalyser


Betalyser is an automated laboratory system for the quality control and analysis of sugar beet according to official ICUMSA methods. The polarimetrically determined sugar content alone is not sufficient for the calculation of the expected sugar yield, as molasses-forming beet ingredients like potassium, sodium, and a-amino nitrogen have to be considered. The Betalyser system is the ideal tool for analyzing clarified extracted sugar beet brei filtrates on sugar content and the molasses-forming ingredients.

Key features

Profitability for beet sugar factories and seed growers

As a beet sugar factory, you benefit from the Betalyser system to enhance the quality of sugar beet by analyzing the recoverable sugar content. You can use the results to pay a fair price for the quality of beet delivered by farmers. By giving advice to your farmers on optimal fertilization and cultivation techniques, your sugar beet quality will be increased and your profits maximized. Betalyser pays for itself within a few years.

As a seed grower, you are focused on the development of sugar beet varieties with high sucrose content and improved white sugar yield. This requires accurate measurements of large sample quantities to obtain statistically relevant data for selection of best possible seed. The Betalyser system provides you with the capability to run several thousand samples with limited manpower which saves an enormous amount of time and money.

Flexibility for years to come

The Betalyser system operates independently from the clarifier: Lead-clarified and aluminum-clarified beet brei filtrates or filtrates clarified by other methods can be analyzed. Therefore, Betalyser is a safe investment, even if you change your clarifier in the future. Betalyser can work as a stand-alone system or can even be integrated into an automated beet reception.

Unmatched sample throughput

With Betalyser, you can measure thousands of samples per day at a measuring speed of 30 seconds per sample to keep up with the speed of your automated sample preparation system. Additionally, the long-life LED light source of the MCP Sucromat saccharimeter will push your downtimes to almost zero.

Sugar beet analysis made easy

Only a minimum of user interaction is needed as all instruments are connected to a PC to control the analysis cycle, record data, and calculate the expected sugar yield. The BeetLab operating software, which can be customized on request, guides the operator with clear and understandable messages displayed on the computer screen. All parts of Betalyser the operator needs access to are located on the front to allow fast replacement and cleaning, guaranteeing the shortest downtimes.

Support next door

First-class user support with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours is guaranteed. Anton Paar factory-certified service teams are available in your country to ensure seamless support on-site and an undisturbed sugar beet campaign.

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