Sample Filling Units with Automated Cleaning: Xsample 52 and Xsample 452

The Xsample 52 automatic sample filling unit is resistant to aggressive samples and virtually maintenance-free. Optimal filling with Xsample 52 allows you to measure different samples directly after one another. After measurement the measuring cell is automatically cleaned with two cleaning liquids and dried.

The Xsample 452 sample filling unit fills your samples automatically from the vial into Anton Paar’s DMA™ Generation M density meters. Reduce time-consuming work to a minimum: instead of filling, cleaning and drying the measuring cells, simply place your sample vials in the magazine of Xsample 452.

These Plug and Play sample filling units have a modular design which means you can easily install them in a DMA™ 4100/4500/5000 M density meter.